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Brenton Brookings Brenton Brookings


My name is Brenton. I’m a graphic and web designer located in Seattle, Washington.

I was born and raised in the picturesque Skagit Valley, Washington. I was first introduced to the world of design at the age of 12 when checked out a library book on the basics of HTML. I began teaching myself Photoshop shortly afterwards in order to build graphics for the sites I was designing. During high school, I started designing websites, merchandise, and show flyers for local punk bands.

I moved to Seattle in 2011 and began attending the graphic design program of Seattle Central Creative Academy in 2014. During school, I developed a reputation among my classmates as a knowledgeable and helpful resource, and I found myself flourishing in a variety of interrelated disciplines, including web development, branding, motion design, and print design.

My personal style is sometimes described as a blend of order and whimsy, although I always strive for versatility as a designer.

I live in Capitol Hill. When I’m not designing things, I enjoy playing guitar, watching bad movies, learning about history and political theory, and exploring the myriad of food and drink offerings in my neighborhood.