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Brenton Brookings Brenton Brookings

Who Are the Gun Owners?

This project was a collaboration between me and my classmate Marie Zahradnik. The assignment was intended to be an exercise in data visualization, and also to treat a controversial current topic with an empathic editorial tone. We shared the responsibility of visual design. Additionally, Marie did all of the research and content curation, and I did all of the coding.

We decided to make the entire site be a single page like a landing page with a “smooth scroll” feature to navigate from section to section, profiling the different motivations for gun owners in different parts of the United States. The color palette is primarily gray tones in order to lend a newspaper aesthetic with subtle touches of color. The introductory section is meant to progress in a way reminiscent of a documentary or slideshow without taking the user’s freedom to scroll.

The site can be viewed online here