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Brenton Brookings Brenton Brookings

Ichabod Imp cartoon

Ichabod Imp’s Idiotic Incident is a story that I wrote during my first year at SCCA. In one of our classes, we were assigned to make a pop-up book. As a constraint, the instructor put all of the letters of the alphabet into a hat and told us that he wanted us to incorporate our chosen letter in some way. Beyond that, he didn’t tell us how we had to incorporate it. I drew the letter I, and my idea was to write an alliterative story in which every word started with the letter I. Just to make things even more difficult on myself, I didn’t allow myself to cheat with any “in-between” words like “the”, “and”, “of”, “he”, “she”, etc. This constraint led me to write a story that I would never have otherwise thought of.

A year later, in an attempt to strengthen my skill using Adobe After Effects, I decided to take my original story, word-for-word, and turn it into a cartoon.

I built all of the characters in Illustrator and animated them in After Effects. One of the unique challenges of character animation is the lip-sync. To solve this problem, I created a series of mouths in Illustrator representing each of nine vowel and consonant sounds.

The voices were provided by three of my classmates. The narration was by Eric Ian Roche and the imps were played by Emily Irelan and Giancarlo Cateriano.

The foley sound effects were made with sound files that I sourced online. I got to dabble with sound design by altering some of these sound files to create the atmospheric ambience.