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Luna Park Cafe website

Luna Park Cafe is a popular restaurant in West Seattle. They are very community involved, and in their over 25 years of existence have become a neighborhood staple. They were in need of a new website. On my first impression of their old website, I was struck by the difficulty of accessing important information such as phone number and directions, and by the sober and serious aesthetic in stark contrast to the vibrant and fun feel of the restaurant’s interior.

Aesthetically, I was inspired by the eclectic, kitschy 1950s Americana of the restaurant’s interior. For the background of the site, I created a tiling pattern to evoke the retro “boomerang” pattern of their tabletops.

In order to increase engagement with their patrons, I put an Instagram feed on the front page of the site that allows visitors to post Instagram pictures to the website using the hashtag #lunaparkcafe. This creates a symbiotic cycle of free advertisement for Luna Park Cafe and a fun diversion for patrons as they wait for their meals to arrive.

One of the biggest pain points that Luna Park Cafe had with their old site was that it was impossible for them to easily edit their online menus as prices and items changed over time. In fact, on the old site, the menu was a flattened image file that would have been difficult for anyone to edit. To resolve this problem, I turned to the trusty WordPress plugin Advanced Custom Fields and created an interface that will allow Luna Park to easily edit their menus without the need for any knowledge of HTML. It outputs fully machine-readable text parsed with semantically-correct markup.

The site is powered by WordPress and is fully responsive. In order to maximize screen real estate on small devices, the site’s navigation menu is hidden under a toggle button when the viewport is less than 768 pixels wide. As an exercise in my coding skills, I hand-coded every aspect of this menu including the toggle button’s animation and jQuery required to show and hide the menu.

The site can be viewed online here.