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Scuttlebutt Beer Packaging

For this project I created a series of packaging for Scuttlebutt Brewery’s seasonal imperial red ale called “Mateo Loco”. Scuttlebutt is a local, family-owned brewery located in Everett, Washington, that has been in operation since 1996.

Scuttlebutt describes Mateo Loco as “an elegantly bold, yet balanced beer constructed with NW hopheads in mind” with an “earthy, warm citrus” aroma.

Everett is a major port in the Pacific Northwest and is home to the largest public marina on the west coast. Scuttlebutt’s existing imagery makes heavy use of nautical imagery. This inspired me to interpret “Mateo Loto” (Spanish for “Crazy Matthew”) as some kind of Davy Jones or Poseidon-like figure, a harbinger of doom who causes shipwrecks.

In order to bring this concept to life, I sourced imagery from 19th Century book illustrations. The main emblem is comprised of four separate illustrations.