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Brenton Brookings Brenton Brookings

Washed Out poster

This project was a school assignment to create a gig poster for a band. I felt lucky to be assigned one of my favorite music artists Washed Out. For the uninitiated, Washed Out is an electronic “chillwave” artist otherwise known as Ernest Greene. I’ve been listening to his music ever since it existed on nothing more than a MySpace page called “The Babe in the Woods”.

Washed Out’s music makes substantial use of very heavy reverb and has a sonically layered sound that, much like shoegaze music, often makes the vocals unintelligible. This causes the vocals to take more of a supplementary role in the track rather than its prime focus. The lyrics, when they can be understood, often make reference to disorientation and the feeling of floating. People describing his music often make reference to summertime, the beach, and vague, hazy memories.

On that note, I created this mood board from various Polaroid photos of beaches and summertime activities, many featuring double exposures and discoloration (possibly from being taken on expired stock).

I created the final image from a photo of the ocean. I digitally degraded the quality of the image to give it the appearance of a distorted Polaroid. I slightly offset the color channels from each other to create the illusion of chromatic aberration.

In order to provide a feeling of disorientation, the part of the photo outside of the concentric circles is upside down, while the part within the ring is right-side up. This makes the viewer feel that they’re not sure if their perspective is upside down when viewing the poster.